Three Church Signs

I have recently noticed three signs for churches upon which I would like to comment.

(1) The Pentecostals: The Church of Champions (local church sign)

First, this seems to be modeled after the cereal Wheaties, breakfast of champions. This is so ridiculous that no further comment is necessary. Second, this congregation cannot be very humble if they call themselves champions. Third, it entails that members of other faiths and denominations are losers.

(2) If you can wish, you can believe. (United Methodist Church billboard)

This appears to be saying that faith is nothing more than wishful thinking. This cannot possibly be what they meant, but I don't understand what they did mean and I don't understand how they could ignore the obvious interpretation.

(3) Christianity is a relationship, not a religion. (lettering under local church sign)

I realize that this sentiment is not original, but it deserves comment nonetheless. There are multiple interpretations. The first is, “Christianity is about a relationship with Jesus.” This is a reasonable claim, but that doesn't mean it's not a religion. The second is, “Christianity is true. Religions by definition are false. Therefore, Christianity is not a religion.” I reject the main premise as false, but obviously Christians accept it as true. My main objection is the defintion equating religion with false religion. Now I believe every religion is false, but not by definition.


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