Florida's “Imagine” License Plate

Florida has many specialty license plates for universities, professional sports teams, environmental causes and various charities. Today I saw this license plate:

If the image doesn't load, it's an “Imagine” license plate with that word at the top and John Lennon's drawing of himself in the center. According to the state's website, the extra yearly fee of $25 for this plate is donated to the Florida Association of Food Banks. Although the primary purpose is thus to relieve hunger, it strikes me as a good plate for a freethinker.

Imagine there's no heaven...



AgnosticAtheist said...

I posted the lyrics to "Imagine" on this blog


vjack said...

I wonder how many Christians will opt for this one vs. anti-abortion plates.

Michael Towner said...

I put the deal together with Yoko and the Food Banks - it is a great cause and any support would be greatly appreciated - the website is www.imagineplate.com.