Prayer in Public Venues

This month The Florida-Times Union has published two articles, two editorials and numerous letters to the editor on the issue of prayer at public high school football games and other public venues. The original article which sparked the debate was about a high school football coach in nearby St. Johns County who regularly leads his team in prayer.

  • 1 October — original article by Tiffany Pakkala of The St. Augustine Record, “St. Johns coach under fire for team prayers”
  • 2 Octobereditorial by Ron Littlepage, columnist for The Florida Times-Union, “Christian prayers inappropriate at government events”
  • 3 Octoberletter by Marcia Greer, “Public schools: Prayer is not allowed”
  • 3 Octoberletter by Paul B. Schaeffer, “Football games: Prayer is not mandatory.”
  • 4 Octoberletter by Bobbie O'Connor, “Public prayer: Guidelines are offered.”
  • 8 October — letter by Chris Tidball, “Religious intolerance is blatant.”
  • 8 Octoberletter by Carolyn Henley, “Postgame Prayer: Coach is to be praised.”
  • 8 Octoberletter by Jim Reape, “Postgame Prayer: Coach is doing a fine job”
  • 9 Octobereditorial by Sam Borden, sports columnist for The Florida Times-Union, “Public school coaches should not preach”
  • 10 Octoberletter by David Schwam Baird, “Public Prayer: Infringing on freedom”
  • 11 Octoberletter by Richard Kusnierek, “Majority rule not always proper”
  • 13 October — letter by Sonja Harpe, “Church, State: Going too far”
  • 13 October — letter by Harry Parrott, Jr., “Time out on football and prayer”
  • 15 Octoberletter by Brad Howald, “Prayers at Events: No prohibition”
  • 16 October — letter by Steven Eddy, “First Amendment: Coach has a right”
  • 17 Octoberletter by Charles Collins, “Religion: Coach should be supported”
  • 18 Octoberarticle by Wayne Ezell, reader advocate for The Florida Times-Union, “When prayer is controversial”
  • 22 Octoberletter by Bryan Price, “Religion: Coach is the government”

I will continue to post updates until this issue passes.


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