’Tis the Season

Regular visitors, if indeed I have any, will notice that I've added a logo to the site indicating that I celebrate Humanlight, a Humanist winter holiday about reason, compassion and hope. In order to avoid any possible copyright violations, I've created my own image without the logo from the official website and I'm rather pleased with the result. In my opinion, a burning candle symbolizes the idea of Humanlight much better than a shining sun. The festival occurs at the time of year when the sun provides the least amount of light and heat in the northern hemisphere, where the majority of humanity resides. Furthermore, the sun is a natural object whereas a candle is a human artifact, one which represents our ability to illuminate a dark world using the power of our reason and creativity. If anyone wishes to use the image I created on their own websites, then please do so.

This is my third year observing this festival and I intend to make this year the most meaningful yet. I've enjoyed starting my own traditions and personalizing my observance of this new holiday. Last year I purchased a simple metal candlestick and a white candle which each evening several weeks prior to December 23rd I lit while saying, “May the light of human reason illuminate a dark world.” This year I plan to repeat this ritual, to decorate my balcony with colored lights and to devise other ways to mark the holiday. I still observe Christmas by exchanging gifts, dining and visiting with my Christian family on December 25th as well as with my co-workers earlier in the season, but I would like to focus on Humanlight rather than a formerly religious and now essentially consumerist holiday.



Anonymous said...

The winter solstice is the perfect time to celebrate, it means the sun and warmth is returning to the northern hemisphere.The darkness is ending. I don't light a candle, but I try to note the exact time the solstice occurs.

For what it's worth, I read your blog, but don't always comment because you express my opinions much better than I do.


Secular Planet said...

I understand what you're saying, but it still seems to me that the summer solstice would be a better time to celebrate with solar symbols. Either way there is light involved!

Thank you for reading and commenting.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the official logo and I think it's perfect in that it shows the light radiated by human spirit, filled w/ joy and in celebration of human accomplishment through reason and creativity. Spirit doesn't have to be thought of as a other worldly soul. If you root for your school team you have team spirit. I think HumanLight is a celebration of human spirit as it transcends divisions and celebrates human achievement over focusing on our differences.

I also don't think it should be thought of as a Humanist celebration. If you're human, HumanLight is for you.

Happy HumanLight! Everyone!!


Iowa Freethinker