Blasphemy Will Have to Wait for DVD

Today I was disappointed to learn that no cinema within at least fifty miles of Jacksonville, Florida, is showing Bill Maher's new anti-religion film Religulous. I had been planning on watching it for months and I thought it was notable that its release coincided with the fourth anniversary of my apostasy from the Catholic Church. I suppose that the local cinemas may have simply concluded they wouldn't make enough money from it, but perhaps they feared generating a backlash from religious groups. This seems especially plausible given that most cinemas today have eighteen to twenty-four screens and benefit from showing as many different films as possible. Now I will have to wait until it's released on DVD.

Ever since the film was announced, I've wondered why it's not spelled Religiulous. I can't think of a single word or even name has a soft G without an E or I following it. I thought it was pronounced with a hard G until I watched the preview!



Hindu Atheist said...

Dont have high hopes ...Its an okay movie. Nothing new for atheists. I too couldnt watch the movie in this small-town in texas... drove to Houston for it !!

Sebatinsky said...

Well, that stinks! I was pleased with it. Maher doesn't really bring up much in the way of new ideas, but he does approach the issue much more from a mainstream perspective, and his frequent incredulity appears genuine.

It was quite funny, but he also wraps it up nicely, and makes a serious call to action.