Being Positive

Yesterday I finished taking my first set of finals in law school. I studied more for those four exams than I did combined over the course of six years pursuing two undergraduate degrees, when I found studying for tests mostly superfluous. I've also moved into a new apartment with my wife in a different part of the city. I mention all of this to explain my lack of activity on this blog in the past few months. Not only have I had very little time to actually write, but I've been so busy with my education, my marriage and our new dwelling that I haven't given religion much thought except where it happens to intersect with my daily life.

At some point, however, it seems there's really nothing more for me to say about humanity's innate tendency to think and act irrationally. I really tire of being so critical and negative, even when I think the target in question is fully worthy of all the disdain I could ever muster. I don't even know whether there's really something positive to promote in Humanism. Its ideals are so high-level as to be practically useless for daily living, and the non-religious tend to be so individualistic that we have difficulty organizing and building real communities. I intend to concentrate on developing my own personal virtue without reference to any ideology or philosophy.



mbiz said...

Impressive, man. I am discerning about going to law school now, as a senior graduating this fall. Maybe you can give me some pointers.

I feel law school IS the place to lose faith and feel like religion is garbage. I've just heard that from Catholics that have gone through it. Law school is not undergrad, you know that for sure and it is a terrible experience for the most part lol.

Secular Planet said...

I have no idea what law school can do to one's faith since I entered as an atheist. I suppose the workload makes one want to sleep in on Sundays? Or perhaps you learn a lot about life and the inherent pragmatism and subjectivism within the legal system? I'm not sure what recommendations I can make right now, but if you have a specific question, feel free to ask.