More Lies About Evolution

The local debate over evolution and creationism will never end. This letter by Harold J. Adams was published today under the heading “Evolution: Theories are not understood.”

Apparently, we do need more instruction in the theories of evolution in our schools and elsewhere. Recent letters reveal the fact that many of those who attempt to defend organic evolution do not really understand it themselves. One writer stated that the fossil record supports evolution. It does not! All creatures, living or extinct, enter and exit the fossil record fully formed. The glaring absence of fossil evidence of any true transitional steps between any two different kinds of creatures is admitted by all knowledgeable scientists, regardless of their stand on evolution. Charles Darwin based his theory upon finding millions of such transitions sometime in the future. None exists. Another writer used examples of the variation that occurs within a given kind of creature to try to prove evolution. Variation occurs, but that is not evolution from one kind of creature to another kind. The flu virus, for example, that mutates is still a virus, and it will never become anything else. That's because mutation and natural selection are conservation agents. They conserve and re-sort information already existing in DNA, but they are incapable of adding anything new. Thus, they will never change a reptile into a bird, for example. If we do force more evolution on our children, hopefully, the evolutionists, themselves, will occupy the front-row seats.
Just like yesterday, the numerous untruths contained in this letter are addressed in great detail on many websites; I won't repeat the corrections here. I'm really starting to tire of posting these letters even for the sake of completeness. It seems that the series won't be complete until the creationists realize that the fossil record is sufficiently complete and that every “missing link” discovered creates two more in their mind.



Birdzilla said...

Its not surprising that TIME would print false stories of the so called missing link after all TIME is a secular magazine that has printed many lies and false stories after all their lying about this GLOBAL WARMING and they are very biased toward conservatives and christians and more recent TIME tries to claim humans are related to chimps which is a lie and the big embarassment for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC over the so called missing link between birds and dinosuars which was uncovered as a fake JUST CALL IT PILTDOWN BIRD after the notoriously faked PILTDOWN MAN

FightForTruth said...

just as no reptile can become a bird, no monkey can become a human!

Zatarra said...

just as no reptile can become a bird, no monkey can become a human!

You're absolutely right! Too bad that's not what evolution says. Pick up a real science book and READ it for once instead of burning it.