Ask the Author

This is your chance to pose a direct question to the author of Secular Planet outside of the framework of the regular blog entries and reasonably expect a direct response! I'd like especially to encourage questions on philosophical, theological or political topics, but I intend to answer all questions provided they're not too personal, revealing or absurd. If I decline to respond to a query, I'll explain why and at least acknowledge its receipt. In some cases, I may even choose to respond in a new blog entry devoted to your question. Anonymous questions are welcome!



Raytheist said...

Hey there. You okay? I just noticed it's a few weeks since your last post.

Zatarra said...

Hi Raytheist,

I'm doing just fine. My recent lack of posting relates to my busy schedule (as a new law student and a newlywed) and just not having have anything interesting to write about at the moment. So don't worry, nothing bad has happened.

Thanks for reading and for the concern!

MJH said...


I was reading through your list of books and noticed your recognition of the paucity of explicitly atheist fiction.

If you will email me at hurbenm "at" yahoo.com, I can share with you some titles you may not know about, as well as an upcoming one to be released in a few months.