Unwise Proposal

My local State Senator Stephen Wise recently introduced a bill which would require science teachers who teach evolution to also discuss intelligent design in their classes. I learned of it through a couple atheist and scientific blogs, but today I saw some local reaction in the newspaper.

  • This letter by Jon Dehner was published today under the heading, “Evolution: Why stop there?”
  • This letter by Robert M. Nied was published today under the heading, “Evolution: A burden on schools.”
I'd like to see Wise kicked out of office by the voters next election cycle, but I don't think that will happen. Wise represents a predominantly credulous and overwhelmingly Republican district and there's no good chance of someone even marginally more progressive being elected in the foreseeable future.

  • This letter by Patrick Nolan was published on February 16th under the heading, “Evolution: Going backward.”
  • This letter by Deborah Courtney was published on February 18th under the heading, “Intelligent Design: Waste of time.”
  • This letter by Bob Awtrey was published on February 20th under the heading, “Evolution: Not a religious matter.”
  • This letter by Paul Cottle was published on February 23rd under the heading, “Intelligent design: Proposed bill misses mark.”


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