Why I Would Never Be Elected to Public Office

Although I have no intention of ever running for public office, the thought occasionally crosses my mind that I would have no chance as someone who has publicly acknowledged his atheism. The problem would be compounded if my otherwise anonymous blog were connected with my name and the media presented some particularly damning quotes as sound bites. As an intellectual curiosity, I have gathered a selection of the most anti-theistic quotes from Secular Planet and present them here in reverse chronological order.

Today is Blasphemy Day International!
If Yahweh, Jesus, or Allah really existed, as portrayed in their respective scriptures, they would be absolutely evil and worthy of every ounce of contempt and derision we could muster toward them.
Foolish Wager
This is why religion is evil.
Know Thy Enemy
I consider religious dogma my enemy...
Buckle Up With Jesus
[T]heir best friend is imaginary, but pretending they have a magical sky daddy watching over them must make them feel better.
Atheism as Medicine
Religion is indeed a mental disease...
Why Religious Belief Matters
Religion gives bigots moral cover...
Reverse Stupidity
All of this suggests the devil is highly incompetent and poses no threat to anyone with half a brain, but I suppose that's not the church's target audience.
The Importance of Religious Literalism
[T]he message of the bible is essentially tyrannical and barbaric...
Perpetual Adoration
As is typical with religion, it's just absurdity upon absurdity.
Hell: The Evilest Doctrine
Whenever I hear Jesus referred to as loving or merciful, I wince. While the gospels do contain some benevolent teachings, these are completely overshadowed by Jesus' recurrent threat of unending torture for anyone who fails to accept his message. One cannot expect praise for preaching love while simultaneously executing divine blackmail.
No Sacred Cows
Most people think the message [of the gospel] is love and forgiveness whereas it's actually, “Believe or fry!”
The Necessity of Doubt
I simply cannot respect anyone who claims to have never doubted their beliefs.
Religious Justification for Bigotry
[A]s is often the case, it's primarily religion that's hindering social progress. Whether religion actually creates bigotry or simply provides hypocritical justification for it, irrational belief is the enemy of human advancement.
Not Following Jesus
The key to understanding this divergence is to realize that Jesus' ministry as portrayed in the Gospels was essentially an apocalyptic cult.
Scrupulosity, OCD and the Doctrine of Hell
The Christian God was a monster in my eyes whom I grew to fear and despise more and more over the years.
Religion and My Life
[R]eligion is the principal virus of irrationality in our world, affecting the majority of people around the globe and in my own country. This irrationality often leads to poor decisions, injustice and misery...
Why I'm No Longer A Catholic
The Bible is full of stories of violent injustice of all types committed by God, commanded by God, rewarded by God, or looked favorably upon by God: wars of conquest, slaughter of innocent men, women, and children, divine plagues, looting, slavery, death penalty for minor infractions, and a worldwide flood.
The Bible is full of material which suggests it is the work of humans and not of God: contradictions, failed prophecies, scientific errors, religious intolerance, misogyny, racism, sexual perversion, and blatant absurdities.
Eventually, however, I mustered the courage to say to myself, “If there exists a deity who will punish me forever for rejecting something as absurd, implausible, and disgusting as Christianity, then so be it.”
Experiences of an Apostate
God was never my friend and I didn't mourn his passing.
Reflections on Two Years Without God
Nevertheless, I celebrate my atheism for liberating me from the chains of religion and granting me the freedom to truly live in the light of reason.
The Muslim Immunity to Irony
I have since learned that Islamic scriptures are no less violent, intolerant, and hypocritical, simply more tedious and disorganized.
Rental Capsules vs. Neutral Spaces
Religion is the disease and secularism is the cure.
Three Church Signs
I believe every religion is false...
Of course, there are several other reasons why I wouldn't run or have any chance of being elected, but it was still interesting compiling this list. I know most atheist blogs have more virulent criticism than mine, but I consciously avoid being inflammatory for its own sake and I still end up disqualifying myself as a political candidate many times over simply be discussing what I believe in a relatively measured manner. Such is life in the United States.


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